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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Wait Is Killing Me...

I'll admit right now that this wait is killing me for the new Castlevania game. I mean it's painful, seriously. I have a headache now just trying to find another game to pass the time. Thankfully that time was useful, as it spawned some good Blast from the Past ideas, but it still hasn't fulfilled the void that is the release of Lords of Shadow. I have a countdown on my calendar. That's right, a countdown, to how many days I have left to wait.

Thank the gaming gods the demo is coming this Tuesday, I need something to hold me over. I don't know how many times I can possibly replay a demo, but either way... it will be something to do.

The game has already received two 9/10 reviews, and one 8.3/10 review. The worst part is there's no ads hyping the game, or commercials, or anything. The marketing for this game is terrible and yet I'm still so hyped to get it... imagine if they were actually advertising this game... sheesh, I'd probably be pulling my own hair out.

I've also been on an Action RPG binge since I simply can't wait for the new Lufia game either. Anyone ever beat Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) on Super Famicom? It's seriously one of the greatest action RPG's I've ever played, I can't believe I didn't get to that one sooner. Now, I'm currently enjoying Terranigma on SNES... it's pretty fun! Though I get lost a lot... and while I get lost all I have are my thoughts of CLoS...

Cry... cry... cry...

And then there's the wait for patch 4.0 to come out in World of Warcraft. Bah! BAH I SAY! Too much waiting for my liking.

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