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Monday, September 6, 2010

What's With Gamer's Volume 1: Hating on Linear

Okay seriously, I've been reading a lot of message boards lately due to boredom and the lack of a game to play since I've beaten Metroid Other M into oblivion. I've been mostly hanging around the Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions board on GameFAQs along with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Vanquish.

What I've come to notice is that a lot of people are continually trashing on the fact that Dimensions is going to be linear instead of free-roaming (like all the other ones since Spider-Man 2). Some people are actually going as far as saying:

"Is this game worth buying since it's linear and not free roaming?"

Seriously? Is a game no longer worth purchasing if it has a linear level based structure instead of one huge city to run around in and collect missions and play out the story in a linear structure instead? What's the difference exactly? I don't know, except for the fact that all your missions will be boring and constantly take place in the same area as opposed to seeing new things by having access to different levels. I'm really sick and tired of everyone expecting games to be free roaming. I hate to break it to you all, but free roaming sucks.

It's boring, it's overdone, and it certainly does not promote more replay value just because you can look around a city for hours on end. Quite frankly, I never liked "sand-box" games. I've hated them all, from GTA to Prototype to Red Dead. I always find them boring, and the missions are always weak in comparison to a linear styled game due to the sheer lack of variety. Drive a car from point A to point B. Stop a robbery by jumping on a car and beating it on the head. Get a balloon. Ride a horse through endless wilderness.

Really? Is this what gamer's now-a-days consider to be "fun"? That and taking cover behind walls all while looking like a human meat bag, but that's for another rant.

I'll take linear, level styled Spider-Man games (or any other linear game for that matter) over these re-hashed uninspired garbage heaps any day of the week. Have your trashy Grand Theft Auto's and boring Spider-Man racing games (because lets face it, almost all the time you had to race every single boss in these games).

A perfect example, in my opinion, is Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II on the Xbox. While NG1 is a great game, I really didn't care for the whole back tracking nonsense, and exploring the little city they made for the Vigoor Empire. NG2 on the other hand excels due to the fact that there isn't any of that backtracking crap because it's a level by level affair. And did that make the game any less fun? No, it didn't. Did it take away from the replay value? Sure as hell it didn't.

So why is it that Spider-Man has to deal with having crappy sand-box games when he can have a great linear experience, with lots of extra side missions to do and plenty of meat and potatoes to go with it (from what I've been reading). This sounds like it's going to be a pretty long game (especially for an Activision release). 10-13 hours for one playthrough just going through the game at a leisure pace? Sounds like a damn long game to me (considering the genre its in).

Let me tell you something you stupid sand-box loving idiots. I beat Ultimate Spider-Man in 6 hours, and that was sand-box, and I didn't replay it at all after I beat it once. I sold it a few days later because it wasn't good, but by your logic since it's sandbox that automatically makes it longer, full of replay value, and better than a linear Spider-Man game? Bull, period.

In conclusion: gamer's should stop being stupid and give something different a chance, instead of automatically bashing it because it doesn't meet their pathetic standards and lacks replay value (apparently, even though it doesn't seem like that's the case) because you can't go around fetching balloons for some stupid turd for years on end.

Good job, what's wrong with gamer's today?

Mega Buster powering down... for now.

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