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Monday, September 13, 2010

What's With Gamer's Volume 2: Every Action Game Is Copying God of War

Ok I'm sick of this nonsense. Again, I'm browsing video game message boards, this time for Castlevania Lords of Shadow. I keep on hearing the same thing over and over again... that it's a God of War clone.

Are you people idiots? Don't answer that. Just because it's a game with combo's doesn't make it a God of War clone, it makes it an action game. When did all of a sudden every single action game that gets released become a God of War clone? Are people not allowed to make action games anymore? Is God of War the only action game that's allowed now? Is that it? Action games are not reserved for God of War, it's a genre you morons.

Not to mention these ingrates actually have the nerve to say that it's a rip-off because the main character uses a whip similar to Kratos' sword-chucks. Are you kidding me?! A whip has been the signature weapon of the Castlevania heroes since its release in the 80's and to say that Castlevania is ripping off of God of War is just plain offensive and makes me want to murder these teenage idiots who think they are real gamer's, but in reality their first system was a Playstation 2.

Also, lets put the facts into place, just because God of War was the first game to really make a great action game (not according to me, I'm going by statistics, that place is actually for Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox) doesn't mean it was the first action game ever made, especially a combo based one. Can anyone say Devil May Cry? Or perhaps even Castlevania Lament of Innocence? All these games came before GoW and yet no one says anything about that.

I'd also like to say that games have been similar to each other since the dawn of time. Take Space Invaders and Galaga for example, two very similar games, however both extremely enjoyable for what they are. Sure there are similarities, but there's enough things different about them to make them stand on their own, and Galaga took some liberties to add more depth to the game and such, like how the enemies whiz around the map, or the double ship attachment, etc. And that's how I bet Castlevania will be compared to God of War, as far as I'm concerned God of War is a shallow game with a few interesting moments, but an overall bland and boring storyline and decent gameplay. There's no doubt in my mind that a great series like Castlevania won't trump God of War in every single way, and then some.

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