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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will Vanquish Be the Ninja Gaiden of Third Person Shooters?

I've been spending this last four and a half some odd hours playing the Japanese exclusive "Challenge Mode" demo of the upcoming third person shooter, Vanquish, on my Xbox 360. Out of the time I've spent with the demo, I've only managed to beat it once. That might sound frustrating to some, but this has made me a very happy gamer! If I've spent this much time with a simple demo (and plan on spending much more, actually), I can only imagine how awesome (and hard) the full package will be.

I love games that are brutally, and punishingly difficult. Nothing is better than beating a game that beats you so hard that you just simply want to end your miserable existence (no, I'm really not being sarcastic). It's like rebelling against the evil King and getting shot down and jailed over and over again, and then one day you finally conquer the kingdom and it is yours. There's really no feeling like it, I promise you that. Go and beat Ghosts n Goblins on Nintendo, you'll see what I mean (or Ninja Gaiden II on XB360 on Master Ninja Mode, then you'll really know gaming glory).

Anyway, basically what I've come to realize about Vanquish is that it will have a meaty campaign mode with multiple difficulties (10 hours they say, and yes, for a third person shooter that is long compared to games like Gears of War that you can finish in 4), and this Challenge Mode, which is basically little missions where you have to destroy 'x' amount of waves of enemies in a small area. Now from what I know about Platinum Games is that they tend to make less casual games, take Bayonetta for example, that is apparently a pretty hard action game with multiple difficulties. I never played it because I personally can't play games with a female lead... or a lead with no shirt, pants, and shoes (I'm looking at you Kratos), but that's just me I guess as it seems plenty of people can put up with that sort of stuff. Tangent alert!

Damn it, my point is that Vanquish will be a really hard TPS, with an even harder mode, and on top of that it will have the Challenge Mode which is similar to Ninja Gaiden's Mission Mode. I'm really looking forward to playing it (and reviewing it), and beating it over and over again and adding it to my collection of small games. That's right, it's quality over quantity in my house.

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