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Monday, October 25, 2010

Captain N wants you to be illiterate

Well it seems Captain N and his N team want to make sure you remember that reading will turn you into a mindless zombie.

I've recently been watching Captain N and I remembered an episode as a kid where NOT knowing how to read actually saves everyone in the end- this stuck with me and I even remembered it into adulthood, I sat down and found the episode in question and sure enough even as a seven year old I was able to realize in this episode of Captain N not reading was a blessing and not a curse.

In the episode "Invansion of the Paper Pedalers" the N team must go to "News world" to help a paper boy save his home from mindless zombies. It turns out mother brain is using some type of hypnotic ink to brainwash everyone into being a zombie and following her every command, anyone who reads the news paper becomes mother brain's slave, the paper boy is immune to this though because it turns out he can't read. The N team eventually figures out how to make some type of ink that counters mother brain's hypnotic ink and begins de-zombifing the town with their own news paper that have the word "awake" written across them, however in the end it is only Captain N and the paper boy who have managed to not get turned into zombies.

As they save the town the paper boy is jumped and shown one of the papers with the hypnotic ink, but since he can't read he easily escapes. Captain N is eventually cornered and surrounded by the zombies trying to get him to read the hypnotic ink, he's doing his best to avoid reading it but it's only a matter of time before he does when suddenly our young paper boy writes the word "Awake!" on a billboard saving everyone and turning them back to normal. Earlier in the episode the paper boy is taught to read the word "awake" by princess lana, so I guess this is there attempt to show kids "see reading IS important!"

Here's the only problem though, if he could read he would have never been able to write "Awake" to save everyone in the first place since he would have been turned into a zombie from earlier, also he would have never been able to call Captain N to come save him since he would have been a zombie since he handles papers all day anyway. Sure you can argue "Well now he DOES know how to read and write and that saved everyone" but that's not true at all, the paper boy didn't need to write "Awake" on a bill board, he could have just begun showing everyone the papers him and captain N were using that had the word "awake" on it and de-zombified the town like they were doing from the get go. In the end because he COULDN'T read he was immune from being turned in to a mindless zombie. If the entire town couldn't read this situation would have never happened in the first place, sure the paper boy would be out of a job but his life would have also never been put in danger.

I'm surprised this so easily slipped under the radar, I mean I just learned how to read about two years before this episode came out. A seven year old should not feel like reading could be potentially dangerous and get you turned into a mindless zombie that follows commands from a creepy looking brain in a jar.

It's no surprise our education system is a disaster now, Captain N ruined it for all of us, knowledge isn't power!

Ignorance is!

Damn you Captain N... damn you...

Kid Starstorm

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