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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Wrong With Gamer's Volume 5: Replay Value

Oh my gaming gods! What the hell is wrong with the gaming world today? It's a disgusting, despicable, disgraceful place to live in now, as the true avatars of the gaming gods (retro, hardcore gamers) continue to become the minority to the filth known as casual, and procreational gamers.

This is an age that disgusts me, truly. I was browsing message boards, as per usual, and it seems like people have this weird notion now-a-days that games without challenge are fun, and worth replaying if they have extra costumes, but a hard game without any is not worth your time. That playing a game and beating it on its hardest mode isn't the best part of playing a game, but instead, getting a new costume, or having a new game + feature. Seriously?! What the hell?! Don't misunderstand me, I love new costume's just as much as the next person, but when the hell did this become a standard?! When did NG+ become a standard?! Gamer's are so pathetic that it's down right pitiful, and I feel ashamed to have to be bundled in with these idiots.

Take River City Ransom, perfect example. You play through the game, you level your stats by eating different foods, and you gain money by defeating bad guys. After beating the game, the next logical thing going through your mind is most likely,

"Wow, let me go do that again."

If that's not what you're thinking, then I'm sorry but you're an ingrate.

What your thought shouldn't be:

"Wow, I hope I can do that again in a different outfit with all my upgrades right from the start so the game is just a breeze and a complete waste of time because it does not stimulate me in any way, shape, or form."

Not that I hate NG+ either, I'm just sick and tired of these jack off's that shouldn't even be playing games expecting it to be in there (and in that sense, lowering the standards more and more in games), and on top of that, reviewers and critics have to bend to these meat bag's will simply because they are the gaming majority now, and being a real gamer means absolutely nothing, except that anything you like will most likely be given a poor write up because it's too old fashioned, or it doesn't have enough "replay value". Which by the way, back in the day meant it was a game you could play over and over because it's fun, now a days replay value means how long the game is (which doesn't even make sense because the replay part doesn't come in until after the game is finished), how many onion rings you can collect out of 1000 in a sandbox city, how many alternate costumes/characters there are, how many multiplayer modes there are, and if you can start again with all your abilities that you finished the game with (amongst many other stupid things I'm sure). I must have beaten Super Metroid over 500 times, and not once had the thought crossed my mind of an alternate Samus suit, or starting the game with all my equipment. You're going to tell me it has no replay value?

What the hell happened to beating your top score? Or tackling the next level of difficulty? Or beating your best time? Or, dare I even say it, play it again because it was so much damn fun?! Wouldn't want that, would we? I know, the thought is too scary to even comprehend in an abomination of a generation such as this one.

I'm pissed off. I miss when playing games was exclusive to nerd's and loser's. Games had a lot more integrity back then.

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