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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hyper Knee! Episode 38

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  1. yo! ya*ll kniccas' wild dogg! me an my higgity higgity homezboyz straight killin* dem white azz craka azz frat boys, when i seez dem it be like 'frat tat tat tat' killin em' an all dat wif da uzz-y nah mhean!!
    kant belefe yall white mutha fuggas be up on dis shit raggin on the best game in the known fuggin universe shyttt, white muths ohnly b talking dat bc yall kant be killin em like my african born brother, yall aint got da spirit of the warrior like my black brother. aint that we to broke to go out an have dat gooo thyme we juzz be practicein ourz aim, learin strategies based on the white devels weapons of black azz destrcution ya heear.
    yo! get you azzes up on any COD, from 1 to 6 or whatever, yall kniccas must like World at War so go blow the 15$ and cop dat ish, i wreck you shit and show yall it be stankin