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Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Wrong With Gamer's Volume 4: Deus Ex Human Revolution Looks Amazing, You Purists!

After watching the Deus Ex: Human Revolution cinematic trailer about fifty times (not in a row, obviously), I decided that the game looks amazing and I should read up on it a bit more. I scrounge up some gameplay footage, and decide that the game not only looks amazing, but appears to play amazingly as well. I then proceed to download the music from the trailer as a stand alone mp3, and from the gameplay footage as well I realize that this game will more than likely also have an epic soundtrack. With all that, I figure DX: HR is my most highly anticipated game of Q1 2011, if not the entire year of 2011 (assuming there are no delays, and there better not be).

Of course, after that I take to the message boards. I notice a lot of purists are complaining about this game in comparison to the original DX. I also happen to know that a lot of videogame purists are idiots and couldn't deal with change if it came to their house, killed their family, burned their home to ashes, and hung said purist by the feet while slowly being lowered into a vat of acid to die a slow and miserable death. To say I hate purists that are too busy living in the past to embrace the present is an understatement, but that's not what this article is about... okay, maybe it is just a bit.

I figure I ought to try the first game out to see if any of these breathing cesspool's claims hold any tangible truth. I'm playing through the game, and as per usual I can safely say,

"No, they don't."

Now, I surely didn't even have to pay $10 for the game and play it to figure that out, but I heard it's a great game, and one of those awesome gaming experiences I'm missing out on. I can definitely agree with them on that, at least.

Anyway, from what I can see, DX: HR is very much a DX game. It's a first person game with RPG elements, different choices as to how to go about your missions, it has books and other lore-related things to read, it has augmentations, it has dialog trees, and from what I can see, an engaging storyline. So, what's with all the hate? Is it because of the better cover system? Or the awesome looking stealth take downs? The better graphics? I don't get it. Sometimes I just have to remember that there are more new fans and converts then there are closed minded purists, but still, it boils my blood.

The most common complaint is most people can't put aside the fact that 2027 looks more futuristic than 2052. Well, unfortunately graphic capabilities weren't as good as they are now, so that's probably the weakest complaint out there (and yet the most prominent). Why would the devs go through the trouble to make things look ugly when they can make them look pretty because they have the technology to do so? And what's the big deal anyway, who cares? After almost a decade, you think these ungrateful ingrates would just be excited to be getting a new game. Well, I for one am excited... looks like it's going to be incredible.

Oh, and Starstorm... retractable forearm blades kick ass.

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