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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Wrong With Gamer's Volume 3: Multiplayer > Single Player

Ok I'm pissed off! What's with gamers these days and their obsession with a multiplayer component in every single game they purchase? It's so bad that some people don't even care about the single player experience at all and go right into multiplayer.

Let me set the scene... there I was, I just bought Modern Warfare for the XBox 360. I was very excited to get home, shoot stuff, and all that good stuff by myself. No, I don't enjoy the company of adolescent douchebag's that need their mother's permission to stay out past 11 pm or the fact that they never shut up and have no life. That's not for me. Little did I know that the campaign was only about five hours long. I beat it that day, and I was devastated. I tell my friend of mine that I bought it, and beat it, and no longer wanted to play it. He asked if he could borrow it. I lent it to him...

He goes on and on about how awesome it is. I'm like, "It sucks, I beat it in about five hours and there's no reason to play it again."

That's when he snaps on me and exclaims, "You gotta play that multiplayer, my dude!"

Seriously? Thats what I bought the game for? To play multiplayer? Forget that noise. I'm not about that crap. I should have known better though, I mean take Halo for example. Great single player experience, no multiplayer. Then take Halo 2... horrible single player experience, amazing multiplayer. Why is it that all developers just completely focus on multiplayer and take a horrid dump all over the single player part of the game? Why not do both well so everyone can enjoy it, including the people who hate everyone else.

Last time I checked gaming was for anti-social nerds that don't like people and want to stay in the confinement of their own home to play games until armageddon. Wait... what?! Videogames are popular now?! When did this happen... CURSES!

Well, at least there's shooter's like Vanquish that will fill the single player run and gun void in my life. Gaming gods, bless Vanquish.

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