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Monday, October 4, 2010

17% of the U.S. gives a damn about Blu-ray...

According to a recent survey conducted by home media magazine 17% of U.S. households have a Blu-ray player... apparently the majority of those Blu-ray players are PS 3's, so should sony bust out the champagne? I would think not.

I've been wrong before but I think it's safe to say no one really cares about Blu-ray, sure the people obsessed with having the newest and best tech are doing back flips over it but the Blu-ray mattering? Come on...let's be real and admit to ourselves DVD's are on the way out. Dvd's will likely be burned on computers to simply back movies up that are Blu-ray quality in the future, Sony made a boo boo with the PS 3 but they seem to be trying their best to pretend it was a wise decision.

According to this survey the majority of people also claimed they bought a PS3 for the Blu-ray player, too bad the people buying the PS 3 don't give a damn about games- that doesn't surprise me though, it shows.

The Wii is filled with casuals who also don't care about games as well, the difference though is that the Wii still has enough good first party games to get the kids of the people who bought the Wii and got tired of it to go out and pick up that new game.

The elephant in the room here for any sane person is obvious though, people are unemployed right now- the average person is less likely to shell out extra cash for blu-ray dvds when they can't even tell the difference and struggle to afford store brand Mac n Cheese for their overweight children. Sony took a gamble not only on the blu-ray player but also on the U.S. economy and consumer, they assumed consumers in the U.S. would never end their spending spree (so did the majority of economists and pretty much every politician) so they created a luxury gaming system that has no exclusive games really and a heavy price tag.

In reality this would be a more appropriate title:

83% of americans don't give a damn about Blu-ray.

On a positive note though they might start giving a damn once they get off those bread lines.

The Kid,

Kid Starstorm

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