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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halo Reach Players turn into Virtual Bank Robbers!

It seems Bungie has come down on some Halo reach players who were caught with their virtual bulky master chief hands in the cyber cookie jar.

Turns out some Halo reach players figured out how to exploit a glitch in Halo Reach's multiplayer to rack up some in game credits- looks like Bungie (Aka "The Man") found out and they punished the guilty parties. Their in game credits were erased AND they were suspended from earning credits for a day, looks like Bungie means business.

All I can say is, you mess with the bull you get the horns... BUT that doesn't mean I don't applaud all forms of virtual theft in the world of gaming. Look we all fantasize about driving stolen cars through jewelry store windows and miraculously escaping our pursuers in a high speed chase, if we didn't games like GTA wouldn't have made a dime, so instead of committing real crimes virtual crimes is always a nice substitute. I say keep stealing those credits, keep finding loop holes, keep figuring out ways to drive your warthog through Bungie's cyber defenses- you get the thrill of committing a crime and none of the jail time.

Keep it up boys, you have "The Kid" on your side.

Kid Starstorm

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